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Services and Products

Through experience gained over fifteen years in the environmental management field Eco Roots Consulting (Pty) Ltd is ideally positioned to provide a wide range of services and products including:



  • Environmental advice and project management

  • Environmental assessment and planning in order to ensure compliance with applicable legislation and to determine the risks of development

  • Facilitation of subcontractor specialist studies (e.g Geo-Hydrological, Air Quality etc.)

  • Facilitation of Public Participation Processes

  • Development and implementation of environmental management tools and best practice solutions

  • On-site compliance monitoring and auditing



  • Baseline Assessments 

  • Basic Assessments 

  • Environmental Impact Assessments 

  • Social Impact Assessments

  • Resettlement Action Plans (inlcuding Asset and Household Surveys)

  • Environmental Management Plans

  • Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001)

  • Public Participation Reporting

  • Environmental Audits and Compliance Monitoring

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